Ministry Groups

Students @ the Mount

Our mission is to lead middle and high school students in our community into relationship with Jesus Christ. As students grow in faith, we want to challenge them to boldly step into the plan and purpose God has for their lives. We believe students have the power to impact the world for the name and fame of Jesus, and it's our privilege as a church to lead and guide them as they do. As we see God change the lives of our students, our prayer is that He'll use our students to change the lives in our community.

Student ministry is available to both middle and high school students. We welcome any 6th-12th grader  to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am in the Lodge (aka the youth room ) for a time of fellowship before morning worship, and on Sunday evenings from 5-7:00 for a light meal, games, devo, and time to hang out.

Kids at the mount

The primary focus of Kids at the Mount, our children's environment for birth through grade 5, is to guild children as they begin developing a faith of their own. By partnering with parents, we want to teach children about the life-changing love of Christ and how it applies to their lives right now—no matter how old they are! It's our hope that children will not only grasp the message of God's love for themselves, but understand how important it is to share that message with those around them as well.