Everyone has an innate desire to connect in meaningful ways with other people. God never intended for us to do life alone. The busyness of our culture drives us toward isolation. Come experience true community as we connect with others through Christ.

Home Groups

Circles are better than rows.  Real community takes place around the table, not in a pew.  Around the table, people have time to talk about the struggles of life, the victories of the day, and funny things that happen. It's about holding one another accountable, helping out in time of need, and celebrating life.  It's about watching God transform lives and encouraging one another in the next step.  Community is about laughing together, serving together, praying together, ... being together.

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Interest Groups

We have some interest groups that meet weekly, while others meet periodically. They come together for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement and/or service.

Wellness@theMount is one such group.  This group meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:00 pm for exercise, fellowship, and encouragement in the areas of physical, spiritual,  and emotional health.

Ministry Groups

Connecting through gender and age specific ministries provide  opportunities to build relationships outside Sunday mornings. We offer groups for men, women, and teens. Be sure to check out information here on the web and at the ministry tables in the Connect Room.